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About the Course

An introduction into Trampling and Smothering. We’ll go over ways a Top can use the weight and strength of Their body safely in a scene, and how They can effectively calm the bottom’s nervous system for a journey into pleasure and sub space. We’ll also go over how Tops and bottoms can stimulate different parts of each other’s bodies through pressure. There will be a live demonstration, opportunities to practice your skills, and a Q/A discussion.


Your Instructor

Empress Frida Love Flores

Empress Frida Love Flores

Empress Frida is Our Queer, Kinky, Non-Monogamous, self proclaimed Village Crazy Lady. A former Academic turned BDSM Educator, She advocates for Ethical practices and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Kink Community. She’s eccentric and playful, but this former professor will seriously challenge you to rethink your approach on antiquated Power Dynamics

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